Teppe Equity Venture Capital Fund

About the Venture Capital Fund

The TEPPE Equity Venture Capital Fund presents a unique and highly attractive investment avenue within Portugal’s hospitality industry.


This fund is tailor-made for global investors seeking swift and substantial financial returns. With a strategic approach to amplify investment in Portugal’s hotel sector, the TEPPE Equity Capital Fund skillfully blends time-honored investment methodologies with a dynamic and large-scale vision. The main objective is to channel investments into hotel enterprises situated in prime Portuguese locales, identified for their exceptional and swift growth prospects.


The commitment to investor security is unparalleled. To protect and align with our investors’ interests, the fund offer advance paid coupons as a robust safeguard. This forward-thinking strategy not only bolsters investor confidence but also emphasizes risk reduction, ensuring an investment journey that prioritizes peace of mind and financial wellbeing.


Fund Administrators

Sixty Degrees is a Lisbon-based regulated investment management company supervised by the Bank of Portugal (under no. 343) and the CMVM, the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (under no. 395).

Depositary Bank

Caixa Geral de Depósitos is the largest Portuguese state one financial institution and the largest bank in Portugal. It plays a crucial role in the security, regulatory compliance and operational efficiency of the fund, providing a solid and reliable infrastructure for investors.

Statutory Auditor

A Kreston Iberaudit is a multidisciplinary firm offering auditing, accounting, tax and consulting services, both locally and globally.

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