Engineering and Construction

A smart era for engineering and construction

New technologies are transforming the world, and this also applies to all stages of the engineering and construction process. New applications and tools are changing how companies design, plan, and execute projects. We can see this impact everywhere, especially in smart homes and intelligent cities, the demand for more sustainable construction and in the new government regulations.

With a construction company within the group, Teppe can easily adapt to all the changes in the industry, without compromising the quality of the development of our projects. We keep a close eye on all the work we do, in order to guarantee not only quality, but also the planned work schedule with rigor and professionalism. We take advantage of this to always identify the best and most innovative solutions for the projects we develop.

At Teppe our teams are assembled in a multidisciplinary way, to meet the size, complexity and needs of each project. We apply our best efforts to ensure success and delivery from initial concept through to final design, construction, operations and maintenance of each asset.

We integrate our experience with a culture of professionalism and transparency that we deliver in every project and all relationships.

What we do

Residential and commercial construction

Project Management

Restoration of historic buildings

Upgrading existing infrastructure

Sustainable construction:

  • Ecological projects
  • Environmental certifications
  • Energy efficiency

Consulting Services

Meet our Team

Our team members have extensive skills and proficiency in all aspects of our operations, ensuring comprehensive excellence in all areas of activity.  Our company is committed to providing exceptional professional services.

Meet our team

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