The TEPPE Group is fully committed to protecting your personal data, whatever its nature. We believe that the way we manage privacy is a fundamental aspect of our responsibility towards all our customers and, of course, a decisive factor in earning their trust. That’s why a commitment goes beyond ensuring compliance with the law. It is to promote a culture that respects privacy and justifies the trust placed in us.
Therefore, the privacy of users and their personal data constitutes a fundamental commitment of all TEPPE Group companies. For the purposes of this TEPPE Group Privacy Policy, Rota da Saudade, Lda.e and all companies in Portugal owned by it should be understood. The TEPPE Group advises you to read this Privacy Policy, as well as the Terms and Conditions available on each website of the TEPPE Group companies.
This Privacy and Cookies Policy regulates the processing of personal data belonging to users (hereinafter “User” or “Users”) collected at https://www.teppe.com/ by Rota da Saudade, Lda, as responsible for data processing.
The provision of personal data for browsing the Sites is subject to the express knowledge and acceptance of this Privacy and Cookies Policy.
This Policy is complemented by the Terms of Use, available here.

What data do we collect?

Accessing and browsing the website in general does not necessarily require the provision of personal data.
However, the use of certain features of the Website, such as filling out information request and job application forms, will determine the processing of personal identification (name) and contact (address, email, telephone) data and in the In the case of the application, data on experience and competence.
The TEPPE Group is responsible for collecting and processing the User’s personal data, in accordance with the terms and effects of applicable data protection legislation.
the TEPPE Group collects personal data processed in order to take steps at the User’s request before concluding a contract through our form here.
With the User’s consent, their data may also be processed for clarifications requested through the following form https://www.teppe//contactos.
The sending of our newsletters, as well as information about promotions and direct marketing requires user consent.

Usage rights

As the holder of your personal data, Teppe guarantees you the right to access, rectify, update, limit and delete your personal data at any time, as well as the right to object to their use for direct marketing campaigns. To do so, you can change your preferences via email at dpo@teppe.com, expressing your intention in writing. Under applicable legislation, the User has the right to withdraw their consent to the processing of data for the purposes indicated through the contact details provided, although this does not affect the validity of the data processing previously carried out.

The User may exercise these rights directly by sending an email or writing to:

Email: dpo@teppe.com
Address: R. de Guerra Junqueiro 447 4150-389 Porto, Portugal

Retention of personal data

Without prejudice to legal or regulatory provisions to the contrary, Personal Data will be kept/processed only for the minimum period necessary for the purposes that motivated its collection or subsequent processing.
After the retention period has elapsed, the TEPPE Group will delete or, if it is in the interest of the TEPPE Group companies, anonymize the personal data in such a way that the Customer is not or can no longer be identified.

Personal data disclosure

Rota da Saudade, Lda., may forward your data-to-data processors for the purposes mentioned above, pursuant to an agreement signed with said entities.

Rota da Saudade, Lda., may also forward your data to third parties, namely: in accordance with the law, a Portuguese Data Protection Authority´s decision or of another Data Protection Authority, a judicial decision or another legitimate purpose resulting from the law.

Recruitment and selection

By submitting a spontaneous application or application for an opportunity, you authorize your personal data collected to be processed and stored by the TEPPE Group for the purpose of being contacted for open recruitment and selection processes, or that may arise in the future, for Group companies.
Your personal data is kept for 1 year after which it is deleted. You must submit a new application after this period if you want to continue to appear in our Database.
If integrated into a recruitment and selection process, this process will be maintained for 5 years.
The recipients or categories of recipients of your personal data are the Human Resources Department, the Administration, and other Directorates or functions relevant to the analysis of the application.
Your personal data may also be shared with other entities when required by law or to respond to legal process.
No comparisons, interconnections, or any other way of interrelating the recorded information are made.
The TEPPE Group only accepts applications from people who are at least 16 years old, who have completed compulsory education and who have the physical and mental capabilities appropriate to the job.

Personal data disclosure

The TEPPE Group does not share user information for marketing campaigns with companies outside the group nor does it transfer your Personal Data to a third country.
The data collected is used to process your order, manage your account and, if you agree, send you by email information about other products and services that we think may be of interest to you.
Although the information provided is generally treated as private by the TEPPE Group, the data collected will be used in accordance with personal data protection regulations, throughout the processing process; it may, however, be necessary to transfer Personal Data privately to other bodies, namely, to respond to the holder’s request, within the scope of the product or service, to respond to a legal request, and when processing your request, we may send your data to and also use information from credit and fraud prevention agencies.
The TEPPE Group may forward your data to data processors for the purposes mentioned above, under the terms of the agreement signed with the aforementioned entities.

Safety Precautions

The TEPPE Group makes its best efforts to protect Users’ personal data against unauthorized access via the Internet. As such, it uses security systems, rules and procedures to ensure the protection of personal data, as well as to prevent unauthorized access to data, inappropriate use, disclosure, loss or destruction.
The TEPPE Group guarantees privacy and security in the transmission of User data through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption of all information exchanged with the Foundation on the Internet.
In any case, it is important to note that, when circulating data on an open Internet network, the risk of unauthorized access and use cannot be completely eliminated, so the User must implement appropriate security measures when browsing the Website, in order to avoid the risk of access to personal data and passwords by unauthorized third parties.

Cookies Policy

The Cookie is a text file that is automatically stored in users’ web browsers when they access certain websites. The cookie allows the identification of the web browser on the server, the storage of information aimed at improving user experience, and analyse and review Website performance.
In the site of the Teppe we use cookies with the intention of offering you the best possible experience in all your navigation. The intent of this Cookie Policy is to inform you clearly and precisely about the cookies we use, detailing what a cookie is, what its purpose is, and what types of cookies we use on this site. We understand that you agree to this Cookie Policy by continuing to use our site.

What types of cookies are there?

There are several types of cookies.
Regarding their duration, they can be classified as:
Persistent cookies – which remain in your web browser until they expire or are eliminated. Expiry dates vary according to the nature and purpose of each cookie. These cookies collect information about the use of the Website to improve the services provided and to evaluate its performance.
Session cookies – which expire automatically when you close your web browser. These cookies collect information regarding web traffic patterns, to identify problems and offer a better experience.
Regarding their domain, cookies may also be:
First-party cookies: cookies placed by an equipment or domain managed by Rota da Saudade, Lda.;
Third-party cookies: cookies placed by an equipment or domain which is not managed by Rota da Saudade, Lda., but by another entity which processes data collected through the cookies.

Cookies used on the Teppe Web Site

The TEPPE website uses various types of cookies, which allow the monitoring of basic and advanced features, with different degrees of optimization of the browsing experience and service levels.
According to the management entity:
– Own cookies: those that are sent to your device from the servers and domains of the TEPPE website.
– Cookies implemented by third parties: those that are sent to your device from servers or domains that are not managed by TEPPE, but by our partners
According to the life cycle:
– Session cookies: These are temporary and remain on your device only while browsing our site. As soon as the browser window is closed, session cookies no longer exist. The information obtained allows us to identify problems and find solutions to offer you a better browsing experience.
– Permanent cookies: they are stored at the level of the internet browser, in the access devices that it uses (computer, tablet and smartphone), and are used whenever you return to visit our site. Generally, they serve to direct navigation, as a way to optimize your experience, allowing us to provide a more personalized service. Permanent cookies have an expiration date set and will only expire after this expiration date.
According to its purpose:
– Cookies required: Help make our site useful by allowing basic functions such as browsing and page access to protect areas of the website. The site may not function properly without these cookies;
– Cookies of preference: allow the site to memorize information that changes the behaviour or the appearance of pages, such as the preferred language or geographical area in which it is;
– Statistic Cookies: allows us to understand how users interact with our site by collecting and disseminating information anonymously.
– Marketing Cookies: are used to follow the route of the users through the site. The intent is to display ads that are relevant and appealing to the individual user and therefore more valuable to publishers and independent advertisers.

Change preferences

Web browsers allow Users to configure their device settings to accept all cookies, know when a cookie is set or never receive cookies.
If your privacy settings are defined as “high”, the User will not be able to access some of our functionalities and may be able to use them in full. To adjust the User´s settings, you may add one of our internet addresses to the list of permitted websites in your privacy settings, such as: [insert website]. If you are accessing one of our websites through a company computer and are having difficulties, the problem may rest with the company´s security settings. We recommend you contact the administrator of the system.
For more information about cookies in general and/or of how to deactivate them, the User may visit www.allaboutcookies.org, in order to find more about how to manage its settings.
Please note that by completely turning cookies off, some/all features of the Website may no longer be available.


Without prejudice to any other administrative or judicial action, Users have the right to submit a complaint to the National Data Protection Commission or other competent control authority in accordance with the law, should they consider that the processing of their data by the TEPPE, at any time breaches the applicable legal framework.

Questions and suggestions

If the User has any questions related to the processing of their personal data and the exercise of the rights conferred to you by the applicable law and, in particular, referred to in this Policy, please contact us through the following means:
Email: dpo@teppe.com
Address: R. de Guerra Junqueiro 447 4150-389 Porto, Portugal

Changes to this policy

TEPPE Group, may change this Policy at any time, in which event said changes will be duly made available on the Website.