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Group Teppe invests in a new business area and creates a Hospitality Brand

705 Porto Prime Home - Rooms

Teppe has decided to expand its activities by creating a brand, Seven O Five, focused on hospitality. The new brand stems from the intention to optimize a set of properties managed by the group and already plans to open six projects with hotel services in the Porto Metropolitan Area.

With an approach based on personalization of the guest experience, innovation, authenticity, and sustainability, Seven O Five will begin operations in July 2024 in the Invicta city, with the opening of two properties

New entry into the Hotel Market in Greater Porto

Seven O Five is a new hospitality brand led by professionals with many years of experience in renowned chains and large business groups. This team will be at the center of the brand’s expansion project, which focuses on the Greater Porto area: a destination with high tourism growth and international recognition, as evidenced by its performance in the recent World Travel Awards.

According to cumulative data from the National Institute of Statistics for 2023 (preliminary results), the Northern region recorded more than 8 million overnight stays (a 27% increase compared to 2019). More than 6.5 million non-resident guests entered the region via Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, located in Porto.

In 2024, Seven O Five plans to open two units in prime locations in Porto: 705 Porto Prime Home and 705 Porto Prime Apartments. By 2026, the brand plans to open four more units in Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia, which will diversify its catalog and the segments it reaches, offering a total of 400 beds.

The Concept

The brand’s value proposition centers on a set of characteristics guided by the principle of personalization, at a time when travelers value unique and immersive experiences that connect them to the identity of the communities they visit.

The premium positioning, between upscale and midscale, results in accommodation that combines quality and comfort of facilities and services with convenience and accessibility. Seven O Five aims to cater for a segment of travellers who prefer options with quality and attention to detail which exceed the standard of midscale accommodation, without the luxury and cost of upscale units.



The brand's value proposition centers on a set of characteristics guided by the principle of personalization

The year 705 marks the opening of the world’s first hotel, Japan’s Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan. This historical legacy testifies to the endurance of hospitality as a deeply human value. As a brand, Seven O Five uses this historical reference to bridge the gap between past and present, keeping alive the traditional spirit of welcoming and caring for visitors, incorporating it into a narrative based on an urban lifestyle, linked to local culture and centred on people


The creation of this brand stemmed from the intention to expand into a new business area within the group, the hotel sector, thereby optimizing a set of properties managed by Teppe. To this end, the group plans to invest 60 million euros in these six properties, whose hotel operations will be handled by Seven O Five.