Portugal: A competitive and thriving economic ecosystem

Portugal is undeniably one of the countries with the greatest capacity to attract investment worldwide.

Portugal is undeniably one of the countries with the greatest capacity to attract investment worldwide. 

Several economic and financial variables, which also derive from its highly qualified human talent, make Portugal a safe and reliable bet when it comes to creating a new project and making a business thrive.  

Considered by the OECD to be the second most open country for attracting foreign direct investment, and the sixth with the highest percentage of energy production from renewable sources by Eurostat, Portugal has positioned itself as a political and market player, thanks to the credibility of its national institutions and the stability of its political system. 


Quality of life meets and attracts young talent

The competitiveness of the Portuguese economy, which has been restructured in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, has reached new development milestones over the last decade, with new investments being secured and attracted in key areas for its development, such as tourism, technology and services. As a result, Portugal has seen the arrival of new people who have established themselves and their families here as their new home. They are attracted by its pleasant climate, its modern, casual and urban lifestyle and its renowned gastronomy, which combines ancient tradition with the modernity of new flavors. 

The sheer multiculturalism experienced and lived in Portugal is nothing new. A point of arrival and departure to all corners of the globe – expansion is intrinsic to its identity – a new and diverse community of digital nomads has settled in the country to work and learn new skills.   

Innovation and progressive intrastructural investment

With internationally renowned higher education institutions, Portugal is today at the forefront of research and R&D in areas as wide-ranging as information technology, engineering, health and biology. Human talent, combined with a high degree of precision, has contributed to the development and construction of key infrastructures that connect and unite the different regions of the country, reducing asymmetries and creating new synergies. Above all, it is from this enormous vocation for innovation that the Portugal of to-day is being built for the world to come.