The Old Distillery Entrance

Real Estate Developer turns Old Distillery and Palace into a New Residential Development

The Old Distillery

In response to the increasing demand for modern and versatile residential spaces, Teppe, a prominent real estate developer, is announcing an ambitious project to revitalize a old distillery and palace located on Rua Soares dos Reis in Vila Nova de Gaia. This development aims to preserve the architectural heritage while offering a contemporary vision of comfort. With the vision of transforming this historic site into a living and working space, Teppe plans to create an environment that can unite the past and the present in a harmonious way.

Among the highlights of this development are:

1. Exclusive Apartments: With a total of 102 apartments, ranging from studio to 4-bedroom units, future residents will be able to enjoy elegant homes that combine historic charm with modern amenities.

2. Leisure and well-being: The development will feature a swimming pool and a fully equipped gym, providing residents with the opportunity to relax and exercise in a peaceful environment.

3. Coworking Space: Recognizing the needs of the growing community of remote workers, Teppe will integrate a coworking space into the development, offering a collaborative and inspiring atmosphere for professionals from all areas.

By bringing new life to this site, Teppe intends to rehabilitate the old mansion which will also be converted into apartments, preserving the façade and its architectural features. The adaptive reuse of this heritage not only preserves cultural identity, but also contributes to reducing environmental impact.

With construction expected to start in the last quarter of 2024, The Old Distillery project is destined to become an iconic landmark in the urban landscape of Soares dos Reis, revitalizing not only a physical space, but also the community and the surrounding area.

For more information on this real estate development, visit the project page or contact our sales team.